Daytuan Antonetti

Community Schools Navigator, Frank A. Sedita Academy #30, Buffalo, N.Y.

“Mr. Jensen’s presentation was truly inspirational and uplifting to us all. Students walked away thinking about not being afraid of trying, facing their fears and reassuring each other that they could accomplish whatever they put their minds to — refreshing conversations for us to see. It is our desire and deep hope that Mr. Jensen will be afforded the opportunity to come back and share his words of encouragements next year and years to come.”

Penny Johnson

Librarian, St. John Nepomucene School, Little Chute, Wisconsin

"Sean was an absolutely phenomenal presenter and very gracious. Having two speakers was an incredible adrenaline rush for everybody at our school, but Sean's presentation, his personality, and the time he spent here was incredible. One word I've heard a lot of staff and even a couple students use is "inspiring." Students and staff were disappointed when he eventually left."

Jeff Griffing

Chief Executive Officer, All Over Media

"I was searching for just the right person to deliver a key address for our annual all-company meeting and found many options with many different message, both locally and nationally. I'm pretty protective of who I give access to my entire company, and especially protective that the message they deliver doesn't go astray from my core cultural building blocks. After a deep dive on a many qualified candidates, none of them had the right feel, as I was looking for an equal blend of professionalism, connectivity, and messaging. I was referred to Sean by several peers, so I contacted him to understand his approach. We met and he spent a lot of time trying to truly understand what I was trying to accomplish, along with getting an keen understanding of how he could connect with my employees. I was clear Sean was the perfect fit for my organization, and as I anticipated, he knocked it out of the park during his presentation. He's got a very unassuming, down to earth style and a message that really hit home with my team. Some of my employees were so intrigued, that they followed up with Sean after the meeting and met with him on their own to get more insights. Easily the best speaker that I've had at any company meeting, I'd highly recommend connecting with Sean to see if his style and message would be a fit for your audience."

Krishna Ramalingam

Head of Middle School, Ramalynn Academy, Bloomington, Minn.

"Sean recently came to our middle school, and his presentation energized our students and inspired them into the longest question and answer session we have had with a guest speaker here at Ramalynn during my twenty years at the school! The message and lessons the students gathered from Sean's presentation have sparked positive discussions during our student-led morning meetings that have in turn benefited how we treat others within our community."

Joanne Meehl

Career Strategy Coach

"Attention all those seeking a wonderful new star on the speakers’ circuit: Sean Jensen. Sean spoke to our group and received high marks. And justifiably so, given how informational and inspiring he is. Talk with him for your next event if you want to center your meeting around a fresh new message."

Becky Wilson

Lockport School District, Lockport, New York

"Sean Jensen was a very excellent speaker who came to our school district as part of the WNY Reading Expo. Sean had a great life story to tell and related it to the students very well. He is humorous and serious and engaged his audience in the presentation. All students and staff members thoroughly enjoyed him."

Jen Legatt

Library Media Specialist, Hopkins North Junior High School, Minnetonka, Minn.

"Sean Jensen's visit to NJH was a highlight of our year. Sean's wisdom, humor, and unique insight into the world inspired our writers. He truly helped them to see the superhero inside of themselves."

Rachel Banas

Elementary House Principal, West Buffalo Charter School, Buffalo, N.Y.

"Sean Jensen's presentation was both engaging and motivational for our students. Through sharing his own experiences, Sean presented positive messages that truly resonated with our students. Not only were our students inspired to read and write more, but they also were inspired to demonstrate good character everyday."

Bobbi Lastovich

5th Grade Teacher, Woodland Elementary School, Robbinsdale, Minnesota

"The kids really enjoyed Sean’s presentation, and all of the classes did the gratitude exercise and many students were asking for more than one card because they wanted to thank multiple people!"

Vinoth Gopalakrishnan

Land O’Lakes

"On behalf of the Land O’Lakes Asian Affinity Connection employee resource group, we were honored to have Sean’s personal journey provided a lot of good insights and encouragement. His message to value and build upon our individual life narratives provided inspiration for all of us!"

Joanne Lee

Mother, St. Paul, Minnesota

"Sean did a wonderful presentation on finding your passion and did a great job of connecting with the kids and drawing them out. Through answering questions about his own life and challenges, he was able to then turn it around and help the kids identify things from their own lives that would be interesting topics to write about. The athletes he has chosen to write about are very inspiring as well, and bring a different perspective than just the usual sports angle. I highly recommend this series, as well as Sean as a speaker!"